Thank you for playing Danger on a Dirigible by Ludological Labs!  Please provide us feedback so we can publish a high-quality, innovative, and fun game!
What was the date when you last played Danger on a Dirigible? *

How many players were there in your game(s)? *

Was this your first time playing Danger on a Dirigible? *

Was this a blind playtest, or did one of the game designers explain the rules to you? *

How many times did you play Danger on a Dirigible during this session? *

Did you read the rulebook before you started playing?

Did you read or refer to the rulebook yourself after you started playing?

How well did the "Setup" section describe the game setup?

How well did the "Gameplay" section describe the three phases of the game (Movement, Accusation, Escort and Evidence Transfer)?

Were the rules clear on the end game conditions for how each team wins?

Did the rulebook adequately prepare you to explain the rules to the other players?

If you had to refer to the rulebook for clarification during play, were you able to easily find what you were looking for?  If you answer A or B, please provide additional information in the comments.

If any portion of the rulebook was unclear, please list the questions you had below.

Were you easily able to remember your role (Saboteur or Innocent Passenger) throughout the entire game?

How long (in minutes) was the average playtime for your group?

How did you feel about how long the game took to play?

Once players were voted into the brig, how involved were they through the rest of the game?

If you were voted into the brig, did you still enjoy the rest of the game?

Did you feel that there was strategy to the game that you would pick up on after several plays?

Did you feel that the game was broken, or the rules could be exploited to the point that the game was no longer fun?

If you were an Innocent Passenger, did you identify the Saboteurs correctly before the last round (even if your team lost)?

In your opinion, how balanced is the game?  In a perfectly balanced game, the Saboteurs should win as much as the Innocent Passengers after several plays.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how enjoyable was your experience playing Danger on a Dirigible?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how interested are you in playing the game again?

Please provide any additional comments or feedback below.  Visit if you would like to keep in touch!

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